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If you want great looking and stylish template designs for the modern high school senior, look no further than Shine With JL Designs. My image box sales have doubled after featuring Jennifer's designs. I dare you not to buy every single one.
Sarah Rose
Absolutely loved working with Shine with JL Designs. Her product templates for professional photographers are clean, sleek, modern and out of the box. I love that about her line of work. They don't look like every other template designers work. Her color tones, patterns, etc. are all fresh and vibrant which allows me to keep my client products new and different from the next photographers. Thank you for being so great to work with Jennifer. Your customer service is top notch!
Angie Seaman
I was totally impressed with the designs and website. I am planning on ordering more senior image boxes in the future. Shine with Jennifer Leigh Designs rocks the senior scene! I love the variety of templates in the store and each design will look great with senior images.
Sabrina Koogler

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